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Improve the overall health and well being of your home or place of business with all-natural low-moisture cleaning methods.

Low-moisture carpet cleaning, sometimes referred to as VLM or dry carpet cleaning, only uses a fraction of the amount of water used in hot water extraction methods. The outcome is just a fraction of the dry time and the results speak for themselves. Hot water extractors will often claim that your carpets will dry somewhere between 8-24 hours although this is rarely the case, even when dry times are sped up with fans or dehumidifiers. Hot water extractors know this but will often fail to clarify not only because of the inconvenience to the customer but because of the likelihood of mold growing when your carpets are not dry within 24 hours, especially the padding underneath. 

 Customers are also often not aware of the dangerous and unnecessary chemicals that may be used during cleaning. The unnecessary chemicals that some cleaners use are not only a risk when there is direct contact to the surfaces that were cleaned but are constantly in the atmosphere and being breathed in. Immediate short term as well as long term health benefits are often the result when the proper safe cleaning solutions are used.

At Natures Quick-Dry, we offer an eco-friendly, all-natural carpet cleaning solution that removes dirt without exposing you to harmful toxins. We are the carpet cleaning company of choice for environmentally conscious individuals and people living with allergies. Call us today to see our biodegradable carpet cleaning solution in action.

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